Despite being a poised, college-educated woman who was enjoying the luxuries of NFL life, comprised of living in a two-story estate, driving luxury cars and frequent shopping sprees, the egregious secret of my mom as a lifelong drug addict who was living on the streets was a truth never to be revealed. Growing up, I was the recipient of painful scorn from both kids and teenagers as they mocked my mom’s absence and my dad’s overprotective parenting style due to their insensitivity of his attempts to shield me from my mom’s dreadful state and any unfamiliar surroundings. As with most secrets, Rose’s lifestyle of doping and crime was bound to eternal repression, until now. I was a victim of her addiction and was born into this world a DOPE GIRL. 

In my new book entitled Dope Girl, I candidly share painful details of being born a drug-dependent infant to a mother with a tumultuous addiction to heroin and cocaine. I relive moments of growing up with a drug addict and give riveting and emotionally charged, first-hand eye witness accounts to the perils of addiction, to include jaw-dropping details of seeing my mother get high as a young child, as well as watching the life of crime she led to support her deadly habit. 


Dope Girl not only awakens our senses to the mental illness of addiction while simultaneously pulling at our heartstrings, but it also unveils the herculean strength required to be the child of an addict; and the overwhelming obstacles that children born into addiction automatically suffer. 


I am vulnerable when traveling through the past and take you on a tear-jerking adventure of overcoming abandonment, lack of parental love, societal statistics, impoverished living conditions, and hopelessness before achieving both personal and professional success plus mental freedom.


Since ADDICTION is that nasty word that stokes our immediate judgment and ridicule of those who find themselves in its stronghold, let’s explore it in abundant detail. Put on your seatbelt and ride with me on a rollercoaster of fear, shame, and agony before finally ascending to inner peace. It shall be unveiled how the imperilment of drug addiction would rob a young mother of basic life commonalities, dignity, self-esteem, valuable relationships, any meaningful accomplishments, and health, as she frequently found herself on one-way streets that led to ceaseless dead ends. What would be Rose’s final outcome?